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Pamchal Carpet's Website was Uploaded

Pamchal Carpet in the spring of 2017 the company's website was updated with support for three languages . Are pleased to inform our customers and partners,

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فرش ماشنی کاشان

Primchal carpet has been creating a family to support and support its customers. This family is called Pamchal Club
In the coming weeks, you will get more familiar with the benefits of joining this family
with respect
Public relations and marketing of Pamchal carpets

Primchal carpet is believed that customers should not be the only buyer of our carpet and our only relationship is not just to sell and buy carpets
So, how often does it make and collect books? These books are aimed at selling training and whatever it is useful for carpet sellers
To download these books, please click on the link below

Always and anywhere you have a primrose carpet next to you

Product introduction, carpet news and announcements and festivals of sale
All and all
In the Appleshkin Pamchal carpet


فرش ماشینی پامچال

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