These days we really need to feel safe when we touch carpets and rugs on the floor. There should be a solution for virus and bacteria on the carpets and rugs. New Nano Antibacterial carpets and rugs produced by Pamchal Carpet Company are great choices for kids rugs and also for mosques and hotels and public places with too much traffic.

New generation of machine woven carpets 

Machine made carpets and rugs are something common and many people all around the world love to have something soft and comfortable on the floor. Many families are interested in having soft floor coverings with some pile hight in order to step or sit on. Machine woven carpets and rugs are among the primary choices for houses and mosques and hotels. 


A new generation of machine woven carpets and rugs are coming to the market. There would be this question in your mind that what new features would be added to carpets and rugs that we have always used. We should consider an important point about the present woven floor coverings , these carpets and rugs are in touch with our hands. So we need to make sure that the surface of carpets and rugs are completely out of virus or any other kinds of pollution which can be dangerous for our health. 
People need to have some kind of floor coverings with no virus or pollution. Pamchal Carpet Company has recently produced a new product to help consumers to be completely protected from any kind bacteria and virus


. Pamchal NANO Antibacterial carpets and rugs are very efficient solution for this problem. 
Another effective usage of this kind of machine made carpets and rugs is for children and kids rugs. Kids may touch the floor and rugs too much. We can be sure that there is no danger for the kids to touch the rugs and carpets when Nano Antibacterial carpets and rugs produced by Pamchal Carpet Company are available in the market. These machine made acrylic carpets and rugs are great choices for hotels and mosques when there is too much traffic on the carpets and rugs. 

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