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1399/03/25This might a question in many people’s minds. Corona virus has made us think more carefully and deeply about how we can protect ourselves in our daily life. Carpets and rugs are important parts of our daily life at home. So we are concerned about how safe or dangerous they might be. Pamchal Nano Antibacterial carpets and rugs can be a great choice from now on.
1399/01/23In the new conditions all over the world, there is a need to have antibacterial carpets and rugs to avoid all kinds of virus on the surface of carpets and rugs. New product of pamchal Company can guarantee our clean floor coverings.
1398/10/25There are several items that can prolong the life time of carpets and rugs. Nano carpets and rugs by Pamchal Carpet Company have various nano features which enable the user to enjoy the high quality of product and have them for very long time without any change on the surface of carpets. Antibacterial and flame retardant are two important features.
1398/08/25Pile yarn is an important item in raw material used in the production of machine made carpets and rugs. Heat set acrylic yarn is a new type of yarn to improve the quality of carpets and rugs. Pamchal Carpet Company has used this yarn in order to produce different types of carpets and rugs. Pamchal NANO carpets and rugs are produced by special kind of heat set yarn suitable for mosques and hotels and public places.
1398/07/23For public places like hotels , mosques and conference halls, the floor coverings can be of great importance. Pamchal carpet company has recently produced NANO carpets and rugs which is flame retardant. So in the case of a fire, the carpet quickly stops the fire and wouldn’t let it spread to other parts. This can be a great feature for all public places and houses.

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