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Pamchal textile industries started its presence in the field of textile and machine made carpet in 1381.This company was established in an area of 7000 square meter and with production capacity of 35000 square meters in Aran & Bidgol industrial zone

Founders of this company are perfectly familiar with the field of hand made and machine made carpets. using their profound knowledge in this field of textile and having good understanding about customers expectations, tastes and cultures of differents parts of Iran , the founders of this company have done their best to meet their customers needs. They took the GOLMEHR CARPET as their brand in early 1370s and later their national and international brand changed to PAMCHAL

The first and most important goal of this company has always been high quality production and meeting their customers needs. We have always tried to blend traditional designs and colors with new technologies and machineries

We can offer a wide range of products including

 nDifferent types of carpets with wide variety of classic and modern designs

 n● Delicate framed carpets

 nPrayer rugs special for holy places along with the installation

 nClassic and medical pillows

 nHigh bulk rugs

 nKilim rugs

 nRed runners special for hotels and conference halls

As the main concern of Pamchal textile industries has been high quality products , we managed to get several different certificates including

 n● ISO 9001 in quality management from DQS company from Germany

 nMembership in textile association

 nHaving standard sign of Iran

 n & D certificate

 nMembership in producers and exporters association of textile products

Having new designs and colors and also creativity in different types of products , we managed to receive several awards including

 nThe selected company considering quality and standard

 nThe selected company considering the amount of export

 nThe selected company considering creative and active personnel



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