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Prayer rugs and runners

For public places like hotels , mosques and conference halls, the floor coverings can be of great importance. Pamchal carpet company has recently produced NANO carpets and rugs which is flame retardant. So in the case of a fire, the carpet quickly stops the fire and wouldn’t let it spread to other parts. This can be a great feature for all public places and houses.

Antibacterial carpets and rugs

These days we can see that the carpets and rugs are widely used in many countries. In many houses and apartments, carpets and rugs are used by children or in public places; they are used by many people. So there is a concern to keep the carpet and rug completely clean to prevent causing any disease. Pamchal Carpet Company is a pioneer in the field of machine made carpet which has managed to produce Antibacterial carpets and rugs.

Why are carpets important?

People try to buy or produce carpets and rugs for a wide variety of reasons. Carpets or rugs are among very important and widely used floor coverings. As an ordinary person who wants to select what to have on the floor of my house, I need to know what benefits can carpets and rugs bring for me. so , many different items can be important when we need to count the advantages of using carpets and rugs.

How to choose suitable machine made carpets

Previously it was very easy to buy or produce hand made carpets but nowadays people have to select their favorite carpets and designs among lots of various designs and qualities. The type of raw material and favorite types of colors can be the best features to help you select your carpets.

Different types of yarns in a machine made carpets

There are three main types of yarns which are used in machine made carpets and rugs. Pile yarn and weft yarn and warp yarn. The quality of each one of them can be directly effective in the quality of produced carpet.

Kashan , the heart of machine made and hand made carpets and rugs

Considering the cultural items in the history of Kashan and also the type of carpets and rugs produced in this area, we can easily find out that the producers of hand made carpets with a load of experience in this field are now experts in the field of machine made carpets and rugs.

Hand made or machine made carpets and rugs

Hand made carpets and rugs have a very long history in different countries in the world but if we want to consider this item in Iran , Iranian families used to weave carpets and rugs and cushions all year long. Mothers made carpets for their sons and daughters few years before their marriage, but now things are completely different.

Children rugs

There is a different type of modern rugs called children rugs which are suitable for children’s room due the design and colors.

Different combination of colors

this article takes a closer look at different coloring systems in machine made and hand made carpets and rugs and will try to answer the following questions: Are the colors effective on the popularity of carpets? Are there distinguishing differences between hand made carpet colors and machine made carpet colors? Are the colors affected by regional factors?

Quality or price?

There are various features and qualifications which we need to think about when we want to make decisions to select a special kind of floor covering. Quality and price are the most important items which are considered by specialists in the field of machine made carpets and hand made carpets.

Shaggy rugs

Shaggy rugs are one of the most popular modern rugs which are also known as high pile rugs. They are fashionable in the market.

Modern rugs

Modern rugs are known by different names in the market. They are different considering type of weaving and some other technical features.

What is modern rug?

Nowadays , machine made carpets are woven and produced by textile machines. There are various types of classic and modern rugs. These categories of carpets are varied considering the price and design and colors.

Traditional handmade kilims

Killim is a kind of woven product which is produced by wool of sheep or other livestock. It is used as a floor covering.

What is Persian carpet؟

There is long history over weaving Persian carpets in Iran. There are various kinds of carpets in different colors and designs which represent the culture and art in different parts of Iran. This variety is so amazing for the people who are interested in this field.

What is gabbe?

Gabbeh is one of the traditional Iranian carpets which is hand woven and made of natural wool. Hand woven Iranian Gabbeh is high pile rugs which can keep village houses warm. The designs of this kind of rugs are originated from the creative mind of the weaver and seldom a pre planned design is available.

What is Persian rug or Persian carpet?

There is a long history over weaving Iranian rugs in different parts of Iran and also in villages. The main differences might be the type of colors and designs which are based on the culture and art.

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